Welcome to Forest hotel

Forest hotel is a hotel located in the beach with white sand, clear blue sea with calm waves and coconut shady. Forest hotel is a great destination and gives you the most enjoyable experience when you come to us.
Come to Forest hotel, you will be immersed in fresh nature, to participate in recreational activities, relaxing rest to relieve the sorrows and chaos of life.
Luxurious hotel with all kinds of amenities and modern bungalows combined traditional style, Jacuzzi pool system with restaurant system, conference room, play area, restaurants and beach ...
Forest hotel with fully equipped rooms and bungalows, the interior space is decorated in luxurious style mixed with traditional Vietnamese and modern Western. We have well trained, professional and professional staff, dedicated service.
Forest hotel offers a full range of amenities, fast check-in procedures, free public wi-fi coverage throughout the hotel. The highlight of the Forest hotel is the restaurant that offers both Western and Oriental cuisine built and served on the top floor. You can enjoy a delicious dinner while watching the starry sky and sea at night.

In addition, guests can enjoy other services such as spa, gym in the hotel area. It's great that your well-being, self-care habits are maintained on a regular basis. Forest hotel gives you the feeling of peace, the best experience, the best in your holiday. Come to us, we guarantee that you will not regret.

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